3D Motion Capture

- Test, Don’t Guess

JH Sports is the only facility in Atlantic Canada that uses 3D motion capture to assess and train clients. We provide a 3D motion analysis tool designed to help expose the strengths and weaknesses of any motion. Our 3D assessments provide the athletes and coaches data on how efficiently the athlete is using their body in order to create speed and power and identifies functional movement discrepancies that can predispose them to injuries. This data is used to design a personalized, progressive skills training program that corrects the improper functional mechanics.

Regardless of your sport, we can help.

Current Clients include:
- Professional Sports teams in the NHL, AHL, OHL and QMJH
- Olympic Athletes
- Post Surgical patients
- General Public who are suffering pain due to exercise or sport

Assessment Options:
JH Sports Center - 60 minutes - $150
Full Day Consulting (Off site) - $1500

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Golf Instruction

Our philosophy for teaching golf is Test, don’t Guess. We use the latest in golf technology and Bio-mechanics to collect Data. With that data we can create a custom program to help you achieve your goals faster. We have created the only facility in Atlantic Canada that allows students access to year round coaching and practice with the latest technology.

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Club Fitting

JH Sports Believes in the importance of a properly fit and optimized set of clubs for each player.

With our motto of Test, don’t Guess, we use a Trackman Launch Monitor to capture all ball flight data and relevant swing dynamics. With this data we can ensure you are getting the best performance possible out of your equipment.

JH Sports is a certified Taylormade fitting center and considered Atlantic Canada’s best club fitter.

Fitting Packages:
Master Club Fitting - 60 minutes - $100. Comes with a free gift!

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